Performing live

Without studying a video recording of you on stage, it is extremely hard to get an objective view of your performance, and with so many variables in play, it can be hard to distinguish which bits are good and what needs improving.

Friends and family who see you perform are likely to be kind and tell you how great you are, but an honest appraisal of your performance can point out what you do that matches your desired act and which bit may appear unnatural or frankly naff! Simple things like eye contact can have a big impact, but do you do it too often or not enough? Or do you do it in such a way that intimidates them?

Learning good communication techniques as a singer are vital. To connect with those you are singing to is the aim – to deliver the song in such a way that they believe in you and your message. For beginners, we work through some excellent strategies needed to deliver a song with conviction. I often record students on a camcorder so they can watch back immediately their performance and make changes there and then – this is by far the most effective method of coaching .

For those already delivering public performances I am available for Performance Appraisals, where I attend a gig that you are due to give and provide detailed feedback on all aspects of your performance.

Following this we can work on the specific areas that need to be improved. For most, this will be a formidable thought and only the brave will be up for it, but if you can handle it, it will be one of the most nerve-wracking but enlightening experiences of your life!

Don’t worry, criticism will be constructive and gently directed – and the best bit is hearing about the things you do brilliantly already!

Coaching covers:

  • positive stage image
  • the audience-singer-band triangle
  • projecting personality
  • posture & eye-contact
  • the mic and mic stand
  • techniques specific to a backing vocalist
  • working with the venue