Microphone technique

When I bought my first microphone, I was shocked at the cost…should I really be paying out over £75 for this small chunk of metal? In truth I didn’t really know what it was really doing for me.

If you consider that the cost of the instruments other musicians have to pay, it’s really pretty cheap. In an amplified situation, the mic is your channel to the outside world and by using one of poor quality, it can only diminish the resulting sound, i.e. take a great voice and stick it through a crap microphone and you’ll get a crap sound.

Why not give your voice the best opportunity it’s got to sound good?

There are different types of mic and different ways to use them, dependent on what you’ve got and what effect you are trying to achieve.

Coaching covers:

  • choosing a mic
  • handling you mic
  • getting the sound you want
  • limiting the muffles and the pops
  • positioning of mouth
  • using on a mic stand
  • moving around
  • feedback and how to avoid