Singing lessons last for an hour for adults and half an hour for under 16s.

During lesson times we normally work on a range of activities suited to your particular needs, but invariably including:

  • exercises targetting a specific technique or aspect of your singing voice which needs improvement
  • performance practice and communication skills
  • theoretical learning to enhance your musical knowledge
  • mircrophone use and techniques
  • aural practice using simple tests designed to improve your musical ear, essential for a singer

Beginners – singers with little or no experience

For beginners, a course of 6 sessions is recommended to get you into the swing of some basic vocal techniques, theory and performance practice. This can give you an insight into how serious you are about taking up singing, be it for personal pleasure or relaxation or for more ambitious goals!

Many students continue after their course of 6 with weekly or fortnightly lessons to continue their vocal development and at this point we set specific goals to ensure that progress can be measured and momentum is continued.

If you feel that 6 sessions would be too much to commit to without trying it out first, then you can of course book a single lesson and decide after that whether you want to take up the next 5.

Intermediate – Singers with some experience

If you have been singing for a while, delivered some public performances or had singing coaching in the past, you will probably already know quite a lot about your voice. Perhaps you know your range, your weak areas and have specific songs that you feel are in need of work. You may just need advice on how to warm up most effectively, how to improve intonation or how to develop the upper end of your range. In these instances, I generally take you through the basics to ensure a solid foundation of ability but enhance your knowledge with a greater depth of understanding and more complex exercises. I focus in on areas you have raised that you want to work on, and give you my opinion on your vocal so we can collectively set some goals for your development.

Advanced – experienced singers

Experienced singers are those who have generally been performing for several years at a professional or semi-professional level, may be adept in other instruments and be a competent all round musician.

You will probably have had some years of voice coaching experience but be in need of refreshing your knowledge, wanting to work on a specific area of weakness. Lessons are tailored to your specific need, sometimes a few sessions can address the issue and often we continue to work together on an ad-hoc basis meeting up when the need arises.

Some students choose to take qualifications in singing and follow the London College of Music’s Popular Music Vocals syllabus. My student pass rate is 100% so far with many achieving disctinctions. If this is something you are interested in please ask.

I also hold informal performance evenings for my less experienced students who wish to try out a song or two publically.

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