To develop true confidence we need to feel positive about ourselves and believe that what we are doing is good – the trouble is, performing, like other art forms, is self-exposing and makes one vulnerable. At the point when your spouse, a friend or a member of your band gives you a cringing look, your self-belief can crumble.

Confidence is a strange thing because even if you don’t have it you can fake it and sometimes simply doing this can build up your confidence. Good vocal coaches instill confidence in their students – giving them positive feedback where relevant BUT honesty is also vital. No one wants to be told they are great when this is not truely the case.

Coaching covers:

  • self-awareness and appraisal
  • setting goals
  • the confidence spiral
  • faking it
  • mentoring

Stage Fright – a specialism

Whilst studying for an MA in music education recently, I was able to examine research and data on stage fright, a common affliction of even the most experienced performers.

Robbie Williams and Barbra Streisand are open about the effect on their careers that performance anxiety has had. I have a particular interest in this area of performance and have helped many students overcome their nerves to go on to very successful professional singing careers.